Public letter to Foreign Ambassadors to Ukraine and International Financial Institutions from Oschadbank’s Supervisory Board

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Your Excellencies! Dear colleagues!

We, the undersigned members of the Supervisory Board of Oschadbank, join our colleagues from financial sector in appealing to prevail upon your capitals and institutions to heed the Government of Ukraine’s plea for urgent assistance.

While we are aware and appreciative of the efforts made by international partners to support Ukraine in her darkest hour, including imposing sanctions on the aggressor, there is an urgent need to save lives, which can only be achieved through increasing and speeding up provision of any aid asked by Ukrainian Government. The existential threats, hitherto unimaginable, that our customers and our staff alike face on a daily basis should not be allowed to take place in Europe in 2022.

For our own part, we assure you that we shall continue to do our utmost to preserve the Bank against the ravages inflicted by the brazen aggression, and help our heroic staff on the ground continue to extend lifeline services to our customers.

Your sincerely,

Baiba Apine, Michael Weinstein, Peter Briggs, Juan Enrique Perez Calot, Janne Harjunpaa, Julia Pasjko, Roza Topanova, Alexander Rodnyansky, Anton Piatygin

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