Oschadbank is ahead of other state-owned banks in overdue debt reduction rate

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Oschadbank is the most effective among state-owned banks in reducing overdue debt. According to the published annual Report on the Activities of the Financial Stability Board, it is Oschadbank that has made the greatest progress in restructuring. Thanks to the measures taken, the corporate loan portfolio of state-owned banks has improved significantly.

Active use of the legislative instrument – financial restructuring is one of Oschadbank's key priorities in NPL management. 73% of applications considered by the Financial Restructuring Secretariat are from Oschadbank. With the Law of Ukraine "On Financial Restructuring" in place, Oschadbank performed 16 financial restructuring procedures for more than UAH 26.8 billion.

During four years, the bank has received about 7,200 court decisions in its favour for the total amount of UAH 50 billion. Out of this amount, UAH 14.6 billion is claims against ultimate individual beneficiaries. Around UAH 7.07 billion has already been collected in cash and property in favour of Oschadbank.

Oschad News

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