Announcement on the competition for the Management Board Member, Chief Risk Officer of Joint Stock Company “State Savings Bank of Ukraine”

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We hereby announce the call for documents from candidates for participation in the competition for the Management Board Member, Chief Risk Officer of Joint Stock Company "State Savings Bank of Ukraine" (the Bank or JSC “Oschadbank”) located at: 12G Hospitalna St, Kyiv.

Core activities of the Bank:

The mission of JSC “Oschadbank” is to be No 1 customers’ choice in Ukraine, meeting the needs of all customer categories anywhere in the country and providing easy access to citizens and entrepreneurs to the Bank’s financial resources and services.

Core activities of the Bank are: banking and other financial services (excluding insurance services except when acting as an insurance intermediary), operations in the money, currency and stock markets, as well as other activities not prohibited for banks in the manner prescribed by the legislation.

Strategic objectives of the Bank:

  • To increase the efficiency of the banking business;
  • To keep the position in the corporate segment;
  • To significantly increase its presence in the SME segment;
  • To strengthen its position in the retail business;
  • To optimise costs.

Key strategic tasks:

  • Development of comprehensive, adequate and efficient risk management system in line with the Bank’s specific nature and its material risks’ taxonomy.
  • Design and implementation of a Risk Appetite Framework (RAF).
  • Ensuring effective and transparent strategic and day-to-day management of Bank risks, establishment of limits and restrictions to ensure compliance with the Bank's risk appetite set by the Supervisory Board in the Risk Appetite Statement (RAS) and metrics.
  • Development as well as implementation of the Risk Management Strategy approved by the Supervisory Board, fulfilment of current and strategic objectives of the Bank, ensuring of long-term stable development of the Bank, high quality of the Bank's loan and investment portfolio.
  • Development and support of an effective system of assessment, monitoring and control of the risk profile of the Bank as a whole and the business units separately.
  • Development and update of risk management methodology, valuation models and IT tools.
    Strategic risk management forecasting.
  • Development of a comprehensive risk reporting system.
  • Ensuring timely involvement of the Bank Supervisory Board in addressing significant issues of risk management, ensuring financial stability of the Bank, minimising possible financial losses from acceptance of risks.
  • Increasing the overall operational efficiency of risk procedures and the Bank's risk management culture.

To participate in the competitive selection, a candidate should send to: the following documents in Ukrainian and/or English till 18:00 Kyiv time 31 July 2020 (three weeks from the announcement date):

  • an application for participation in the competition;

An application for participation in the selection to Michael Weinstein, the Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of JSC “Oschadbank”. The application must contain the information about candidate (candidate’s full name, registration/residence address and correspondence address, contact phone number and e-mail and Skype details if available) signed by the candidate with a ballpoint (blue ink)

  • biographical data (CV) signed by the candidate with a ballpoint (blue ink);
  • a motivation letter signed by the candidate with a ballpoint (blue ink);
  • a competition proposal;

The competition proposal may contain a vision of the plan for implementation of an effective strategic and operational risk management of the Bank, proposals for improvement of the overall operational efficiency of risk procedures and the Bank's risk management culture etc.

  • personal assurance to provide properly documented and certified documents, the list of which is given below;
  • consent to personal data processing.

The candidates who will be selected and admitted to the second stage of the competition (whereof they will be notified separately by a recruitment company in free manner at the discretion of the company) must send the following documents to in Ukrainian and/or English within 10 days after receiving the notification of participation in the second stage:

  • a duly certified copy of an ID document (each page of the document shall contain the inscription “true copy of the original”, signature of the person, surname and initials written with a ballpoint (blue ink);
  • a letter in free format confirming the absence of conflict of interests or containing the information on relevant conflicts of interests and proposals on their elimination or settlement;
  • a certified copy of the labour record book (if available) or another document certifying job experience;
  • a certified copy of the document of higher education;
  • certified copies of the documents confirming additional education, knowledge, managerial experience, and practical skills desired or required for performance of their job duties taking into account the key areas of activity, strategy and business plan of the Bank, and functional workload and scope of responsibility of the person (if such documents are available);
  • a reference from a competent body of the country of tax residence of such individual, reference about the status of performance of such person’s obligations to pay taxes, fees, and other compulsory payments or confirmation / application / letter from a competent body or certified lawyer confirming that the tax bodies of respective jurisdiction do not issue such documents;
  • a certificate of no criminal record obtained from a competent body of the country of permanent residence of the individual;
  • information from a qualified credit history bureau(s) on the credit history of the individual;
  • a reference from a banking supervisory authority or foreign bank where the candidate was holding a position during the last three years about absence of admonitions and facts of infringement of banking legislation and internal documents of the bank during the time of working in banking institutions (if the candidate held a position in a foreign bank for over the last three years);
  • references and other documents at the candidate’s discretion.

Information received from candidates and contestants for the purpose of participation in the competition, results of assessment of candidates and contestants, as well as any other materials of the competition shall not be subject to any disclosure or dissemination by the Bank and by employees, officials of the Bank or third persons engaged by the Bank under the contractual terms, who gained access to it in the course of performance of their duties, except at the request of the authorized body, which is mandatory under the legislation, or when the disclosure of such information is required under the legislation or necessary for protection of the rights and legal interests of the Bank, its employees and officials. Information received from candidate or contestant for the purpose of participation in the competition may also be disclosed with the prior written consent of that candidate or contestant.

To read financial statements and statistical reporting, visit the Bank’s website at:

A candidate for the Management Board Member, Chief Risk Officer must meet the following requirements:

  • University degree (Master or equivalent) in accounting, business administration, finance, economics, mathematics, or risk management;
  • Minimum 10 years in banking and risk management related experience;
  • Minimum 5 years in management position in risk management in financial institutions (preferably, banks) or audit companies having experience in the audit of banks;
  • Functional fluency in Ukrainian or Russian; knowledge of English will be an advantage;
  • Communication skills and leadership competencies;
  • Analytical and mathematical skills, knowledge of statistics, data collection, analysis, and data presentation;
  • Certificates that could give a preference: Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Professional Risk Manager (PRM).

Stages and venue of the competition:




10/07 – 31/07


Submission of documents by candidates for the competition to:


до 19/08


Interview of finalists with the Bank Supervisory Board (in person or with the use of electronic communication means).


Address: 12G Hospitalna St, Kyiv

Candidates willing to participate in the competition must submit the package of documents to the recruitment company Pedersen&Partners LLC till 18:00 Kyiv time 31 July 2020 (three weeks from the announcement date).


Phone: +380 44 500 59 88

Contact person: Цаповська Ольга

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