Oschadbank, as a systemically important bank, supports the stability of the Ukrainian banking system during the epidemic situation in Ukraine due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Oschadbank’s management board has promptly developed an action plan to ensure business continuity and to introduce urgent response measures. A number of steps and pre-cautionary actions had already been taken in order to ensure safety of our employees and clients, continuity of our operations and to mitigate operational and financial risks.

As of today:

  • All internal systems of the bank operate in standard mode without restrictions.
  • All transactions, including foreign exchange, are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the NBU;
  • Oschadbank provides continuous cash supply of ATMs and branches, collection of merchants, acceptance and processing of cards of all banks in ATM networks and POS-terminal networks;
  • The Bank has developed measures to minimize the impact of the virus spread on its personnel and ensure business continuity - the number of staff present in workplaces has been reduced and options for the remote work have been agreed;
  • Oschadbank intensified the sanitization of the office premises including workplaces, cash desks, collection cars, etc.;
  • All business trips are cancelled. Business meetings have been switched to the remote format and trainings are performed based on the system of remote training;
  • Internal Information Center on the bank’s portal has been launched, which consolidates all the updates on the situation with coronavirus. The employees have been informed on measures of prevention of spread of the coronavirus infection;
  • A section has been created on the bank’s website to inform customers about the bank’s complete online services and other relevant information. The Q&A section is updated, daily communication is carried out in social networks and in the media;

Necessary work has been carried out as regards of interaction with our clients for partial transition to online channels and compliance with the necessary sanitary conditions in each of the branches. The main services for our clients remain unchanged:

  • All major operations can be carried out in the remote service "Oschad 24/7". This system fully replicates the services provided in the Bank's branches. In "Oschad 24/7" our clients have access to all accounts, deposits, currency exchange transactions and more.
  • Business clients can receive banking services remotely through the СorpLight system, where all major bank account and billing transactions are available.
  • Key outlets of the bank are fully operational, but changes in their work schedule are possible - breaks for sanitary hours.
  • Oschadbank also understands the need to support its customers during the quarantine period:
  • The Bank introduces credit holidays to SME businesses in order to reduce the financial burden on them in quarantine - a deferral of payments on the loan principal is provided for up to three months.
  • Oschadbank temporarily cancels the monthly fee for using POS-terminals for SME clients of who are forced to suspend operations;
  • fines and penalties for late payment of loans are not imposed during the quarantine period;

We are closely monitoring the evolving epidemic situation in Ukraine and assessing possible economic impact to the business. Oschadbank has developed necessary plans and ready to introduce further limitations or mitigating actions according to the progress of the current situation. Being one of the largest financial institutions in Ukraine, we bear social responsibility and minimizing risks for our clients, for the bank and are ready to support economy.

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