Oschadbank’s financial report for YE2017 was confirmed by international auditors

KPMG has confirmed Oschadbank’s financial report for YE2017. The Bank’s results are as follows:


  • Net commission income. As a result of the work on expanding the range of banking products and services and improving their quality, as well as weighted flexible tariff policy, the volume of net commission income increased 1.3 times compared to the previous year and reached UAH 2.7 bln.

  • Taxes. In 2017, the Bank paid taxes, fees and mandatory payments to the State Budget of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 2.6 bln.

  • Net income. Bank ensured profitable activity. Net income reached UAH 558.5 million in 2017, surpassing the result of the previous year by 20.3 pct.

  • Dividends. Oschadbank will transfer a part of its net profit to the state budget as dividends (in accordance with the terms and the volume set by the law) in the amount of UAH 139.2 million

  • Assets. The Bank’s assets were growing dynamically (by 11.0 pct. or UAH 23.2 bln.) since the beginning of the year and reached UAH 233.8 bln. as of 01.01.2018. The assets growth rate was higher (by 4 p.p.) than the corresponding indicator of the largest banks

  • Loans. Oschadbank remains one of the leaders of lending to the real sector of Ukraine’s economy. The volume of loans to customers increased by UAH 8.6 bln. and amounted to UAH 74.5 bln. (including allowances for impairment of such loans).

  • Deposits from individuals. Oschadbank showed the best result among the largest banks in Ukraine in terms of the growth of term deposits of individuals. The accounts of individuals grew by UAH 17.9 bln. (current accounts and term deposits) for 2017 or 35 pct. growth of accounts of individuals in the banking system.

  • Capital. Oschadbank’s equity equals UAH 31.3 bln. Bank prepared and agreed the program of capitalization by YE2018 with the Government and the NBU. The State, as an owner, shows its readiness to provide support through additional equity injections to the Bank’s capital and actually made such injection in the amount of UAH 8.86 bln. in the 1st quarter 2017 and UAH 5.75 bln. in December 2017. Bank complied with the capitalization program and NBU requirements to capital.


Market position

According to the results in 2017, Oschadbank retains its leading positions in the market. It is in TOP 3 of the banking system in terms of key indicators:

  • Commission income – 2 place

  • Assets – 2 place

  • Loans to entities – 1 place

  • Deposits – 2 place

  • Equity – 1 place


Bank’s strategy

In 2017, the Bank successfully completed the implementation of the strategic activity plan for 2015-2017. Within its framework, a number of reforms related to the modernization and commercialization of the Bank were implemented.

According to the Principles of State Banking Sector Strategic Reforms, the draft Strategy of Oschadbank Development for 2018-2022 was developed with the participation of an international consulting company of the ‘Big Three’. The strategy was supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in February 2018.

The key strategic tasks for the Bank are as follows:

  • To increase the value for owners by improving efficiency, using its network to promote access to and affordability of funding

  • To retain its position as a universal bank No.1 in Ukraine

  • To prepare for partial privatization by 2020.