Oschadbank ranked # 1 in the Rating of the most sustainable Ukrainian banks

“Forbes Ukraine” magazine has recognized Oschadbank as the most sustainable bank in Ukraine. In its research Forbes analyzed the chances of Ukrainian banks to recover from the crisis with minimal losses. The following key ratios were taken into account:

  • Capital adequacy
  • Credit portfolio quality
  • Shareholder’s support with regards to political risks
  • Return on equity
  • Liquidity

Considering the overall result, Oschadbank took the first place among the other largest Ukrainian banks.

“Sustainability of Oschadbank is primarily backed by the country’s sustainability and the desire for victory demonstrated in these hard times. The Bank is a reflection of the country, with all its aspects and features. While our boys are protecting our Eastern military front, we are holding our financial front. But even despite the utterly hard operational environment, fueled with war, devaluation, economic recession, we demonstrate our desire for changes and we are changing. Every day we are striving to take even small steps forward by improving our services, by renovating our offices, by providing financing to the economy. By our example we are trying to show that everything is possible – you only have to believe in yourself” – stated Mr. Andriy Pyshnyy, the Chairman of the Management Board.

We recall that Oschadbank’s capital adequacy ratio remains one of the best among other Ukrainian banks and equals to 21.7% as of 01.01.2015 (taking into account the losses incurred by the Bank) while the NBU’s floor equals to 10%. Therefore, the capital adequacy ratio of Oschadbank is twice bigger than required.


Oschadbank was named the most reliable bank in Ukraine numerous times. In particular, the ranking was assigned by “Novoe vremya” magazine and the investment company Dragon Capital, as well as “Dengi.ua” magazine. In 2014 International payment system MasterCard Worldwide recognized Oschadbank as the Bank of the year.