Regarding the appointment of a supervisor by the National Bank of Ukraine

The NBU’s decision to appoint a supervisor is treated by Oschadbank’s management with full understanding and respect. It is a system-wide measure that should work towards extension and deepening of cooperation with the NBU as well as assure making consistent and reasonable decisions in current challenging environment. The supervisor appointment, having a system-wide nature rather than individual one, is not related to any particular problem of any specific bank. As stated in NBU’s letter dd 26.01.2015: “Oschadbank is in compliance with the covenants and mandatory cash reserves on the account with the NBU, fully and in timely manner fulfills its current liabilities due to clients and is solvent”.


UAH 11.6 bln capital injection in the end of 2014 secured Oschadbank’s steady operation in the future and fulfilment of its liabilities to clients and creditors.

Capital adequacy ratio remains one of the best among other Ukrainian banks and equals to 21.7% as of 01.01.2015 (taking into account incurred losses) while the NBU’s floor is 10%. Therefore Oschadbank’s capital adequacy ratio is twice as bigger as required.

Oschadbank plans to receive UAH440 mln profit in year 2015.