Oschadbank continues to pay off the third coupon of the government securities - Treasury bonds series A

The coupon is fixed and amounts to U.S. $ 23. Oschadbank received the funds from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to pay off the coupon in full. The appropriate amount has been distributed among branches that perform operations on Treasury’s obligations.

The coupon can be paid off in more than 700 branches which carries out servicing and redemption of Treasury bonds. A list of these branches can be found on the official website of the bank. Once the payment has been made, the bank’s employee cuts off the used coupon. We kindly draw attention of the customers that the coupons which are cut off by themselves will not be accepted for payment at Oschadbank.

The government securities were issued in October-November 2012 in a documentary form and are payable to a bearer. Total amount – U.S. $ 100 million. Maturity – 24 months. Nominal value – U.S. $ 500. Interest rate – 9.2 % per annum and is payable every six months.”