Transportation of Cash and Valuables

Oschadbank’s cash and valuables transportation service is developing confidently and dynamically, being one of the largest in Ukraine. It is comprised of 264 units nationwide and covers almost every administrative district center. In the most regions of the country Oschadbank keeps the leading positions in the market of cash and valuables transportation, evidencing its high competitive potential. Besides its own offices, Oschadbank provides also services to the other business entities – more than 9.1 thousand of clients’ offices and 5.6 thousand offices and ATMs of other banks.

Cash and valuables transportation service of JSC "Oschadbank” gradually switches over to only specialized armored vehicles when transporting currency values ​​and cash. The fleet of specialized armored vehicles is being updated dynamically. Thus, 306 armored vehicles were put into service during 2012 and it is planned to complete the transition to the armored vehicles by the end of 2015.

All the vehicles are equipped with moving objects tracking system (GPS) which enables to transmit alarm to the operator places in the regional offices and pinpoint the location of each vehicle. These carriers meet all the requirements of safe transportation of cash and valuables.

JSC "Oschadbank” provides comprehensive services in the field of cash and valuables transportation to the banks, enterprises and individuals.