Results’ Releases

07 September 2011

Main financial and operational highlights for the six months 2011:

  • net profit grew 2.3 times, to UAH 677.4 million in comparison with 1H2010;
  • both net interest income and non-interest income demonstrate strong growth by 37% and 15% and reached UAH 1.4 bn and UAH 614.3 million respectively comparing with 1H2010;
  • total assets rose by 22% and amounted to UAH 70,5 bn;
  • the Bank, by means of attracting new customers from private sector, keeps diversifying its loan book, which is also up by 8%. This is happening mostly for account of loans to non-state companies and continues in 3Q2011;
  • exposure to Naftogaz declined by 4% for account of scheduled repayments, its share in total loan portfolio went down from 51% to 45% . During 3Q2011, exposure was further declining;
  • customer accounts increased by 34% and totaled UAH 32.9 bn;
  • total equity grew by 7% and amounted to UAH 17.1 bn, for account of recent capital injection by the Government of Ukraine of UAH 604 million and profits capitalization;
  • the Bank continues to demonstrate strong capital position: total CAR of 33.36% and tier 1 ratio of 29.01%, respectively;
  • loans-to-deposits ratio declined to 140% from 173%.