Kushnir Kyrylo
First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Born on February 22, 1973.
Mr.Kushnir graduated from the Donetsk State University, specialty - economic and social planning.
In 2010 he was conferred a Ph.D. degree in Economics.
Has more than 19 years of experience in banking.
His professional career began in 1994 at the Donetsk branch of Joint Stock Bank "INCO".
From 1996 to 1999 and from 2000 to 2005 he worked at the Donetsk branch of "Privatbank" where he was in charge of deposit and credit business as well as the development of the individual business. His last position - Deputy Director of Individual Business.
In 1999 - 2000 he served as a consultant at the Council on Special Economic Zones and Special Investment Regimes in Donetsk region.
From 2005 to 2006 Mr.Kushnir held the positions of the Deputy Director of Retail Business and Deputy Director of Individuals Business at the "Aval" Bank. 
In 2006 - 2009 he occupied the managerial positions at OJSC "Bank" Prestige "(from 2007 – JSC "Erste Bank").
In 2010 - 2013 he worked as Deputy Director of Corporate Business in Donetsk Regional Branch of JSC "VTB Bank".
From February 2013 - First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of JSC “Oschadbank”.